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"Hasbahçe" Mirror
"Hasbahçe" Mirror
$ 580,00
The palaces as the symbolic landmarks of Istanbul
and the gardens of these palaces have always drawn
interest as expressions of power, grace and affluence.
Among the various flowers beautifying the gardens
of palaces, the tulip has become the symbol for a
specific period in history.
The miniature paintings of the Imperial Chronicles
accounting for the circumcision feast of Prince
Mehmed, son of Sultan Murad III, depict the glory of
that period.
Stylized abstracts of tulip and cypress figures found
in the miniature paintings of the Imperial Chronicles
were used on ornamental frame of the Hasbahçe
Hasbahçe Mirror was made using handcrafted
Temporarily Out of Stock
  • Width : 37 cm
  • Length : 70 cm
  • Product origin : Turkey
Cleaning Instructions
It is recommended to use a dry cloth to clean it. It should not come into contact with a damp cloth or water
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