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"Göbeklitepe" Monolith Object
"Göbeklitepe" Monolith Object
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he Archaeological Site of Göbeklitepe is located in the north east of Şanlıurfa, 18 km away to the city center, near Örencik Village. The site was discovered during surface surveys carried out in 1963 by Istanbul University in cooperation with Chicago University, and the importance of the area has been realized with excavations after 1994.
The excavations showed that Göbeklitepe was a major cult center dating back to 12000 years ago.
Göbeklitepe is identified as a unique sacred
area of Neolithic Period in terms of its location,
dimensions, dating and monumentality of
architectural ruins. Göbeklitepe displays unique
archaeological findings while preserving its
existence with an untouched natural environment
for 12000 years.

A common feature in construction of the temples
which date back to Stone Age stands out from others.

There are two T-shaped free-standing pillars in the center of these temples surrounded by T-shaped pillars. Due to the hand and arm depictions carved on T-shaped pillars, the pillars are thought to be stylized human forms. There are animal reliefs and abstract symbols carved on these pillars.

The design of Göbeklitepe Dikilitaş Object is inspired
by hand and arm depictions on T-shaped pillars and
animal reliefs and abstract symbols carved on the pillars in temples.

Göbeklitepe Dikilitaş Object is made of handmade glass and pate de verre method is used for shaping process.

The production of the Göbeklitepe Dikilitaş is limited to 2000 pieces.
  • Diameter : 12 cm
    Cleaning Instructions
    It is recommended to use a dry cloth to clean it. It should not come into contact with a damp cloth or water
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