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"Didyma Column" Vase
"Didyma Column" Vase
$ 804,30
In Hellenistic civilizations, Apollo is regarded as the deity of the sun, oracle, music and art and the main deity of the sanctuary of Didyma, an ancient Greek sanctuary on the coast of Ionia in the domain of the famous city of Miletus. According to legend, one day Apollo comes across the shepherd Bronchos in Didyma and trusts him with the secrets of the oracle. Bronchos, in return, builds the Temple of Apollo to his honor at the site of this bay forest and water source where Apollo appeared before him. The ruins of Didyma and the Temple of Apollo are located a short distance to the northwest of modern Didim, whose name is derived from the ruins, located 18 km south of Miletus which is situated near Yenihisar Village of Söke Township of province of Aydın, Turkey. The Temple of Apollo was built in Didyma, also known as Didymaion, in 560 BC and became one of the most important divination centers of the ancient world. The temple was ruled by the family who lived there for a long time called the Branchids, after the shepherd Bronchos. The first excavations in the ancient city of Didim, was initiated by the British in 1858. These excavations continued at intervals from 1905 to 1937. Today, excavations are still ongoing. A 3rd century column base found during these excavations was taken out from Turkey in various questionable ways and is now on display at the Louvre Museum in France. The design of the Didyma Column Vase draws its inspiration from the columns excavated in the ancient city of Didim and is created from hand-made glass, shaped with a hewn stone used in traditional engraving and decoration. Relief patterns on the beige marble pedestal and vase are applied by hand.
  • Diameter : 15,5 cm
  • Height : 29,5 cm
  • 100% hand-made.
  • Product origin : Turkey
  • 100% hand-made.
Cleaning Instructions
It is recommended to use a dry cloth to clean it. It should not come into contact with a damp cloth or water
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