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"Farisi Silver" Dipper
"Farisi Silver" Dipper
$ 833,80
Ottoman silver artifacts, which are considered as invaluable today, are exhibited in various museums all around the world. Islamic works of art from the Seljuk, Mameluke, Timur, Andalusian and the Ottoman periods, which were taken out of Turkey by questionable means, are offered to collectors in many auctions as well. Since it was an established tradition in the Ottomans to imprint the tuğra (calligraphic signature) of the sultans of the time on all kinds of articles made of silver, the periods to which the works belong can be traced easily. The design of the Farisi * Silver Dipper draws its inspiration from a 17th century Ottoman silver dipper that was brought back to Turkey. It is adorned with depictions of animals and floral patterns. Farisi Silver Dipper is produced from handmade glass and all of the relief patterns are decorated with platinum and antiquated paints. * Farisî; was the pseudonym of the 16th Ottoman Sultan, Osman II, also known as Genç Osman (Osman the Young) in diwan literature. Although dethroned and killed at the early age of 17, he was quite an acclaimed poet writing his poems in Persian, thus the pseudonym Farisi, meaning “from Persia”. Diwan, literally meaning inscribed, is a registered collection of poems by one author written in one of the 12 poetic meters.
  • Diameter : 14 cm
  • Height : 23,2 cm
  • 100% hand-made.
  • Product origin : Turkey
  • 100% hand-made.
Cleaning Instructions
It is recommended to use a dry cloth to clean it. It should not come into contact with a damp cloth or water
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