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"Şükreden" Tableau
"Şükreden" Tableau
$ 759,60
In İslam, shukur (gratitude) is interpreted as “To see Him, who gives you
blessing and to act in accordance.” Shukur is accepted to be a kind of worship
where men demonstrate their love and gratitude to Allah.
The term “gratitude” has meanings such as “knowing and announcing goodness,
reciprocating to goodness, thinking about and showing the blessing.” As an
ethical term, gratefulness means “Respect, reciprocation, knowing shown for any
blessing to the one who gave the blessing, and to show this feeling to the source
of benevolence, mentioning the blessing and goodness and praising their owner.”
The words “thanks and gratitude” are also used in this sense in Turkish.
However the true gratitude, is to properly use one’s blessings.
The verse in the center of the Şükreden Tableau means “If you are grateful, I
will surely increase you [in favor],” and in the motives around it read “AshShukur”. Ash- Shukur is one of God’s 99 names.
The designs on the painting were inspired by the İznik Pottery with a high base
from circa. 1545-1550 found in the British Museum in London.
All of the relief decorations on Şükreden Tableau is produced with using
24 –carat gold gilding and colored using the enamel technique and beads.

The production of the tableau is limited to 2000 pieces each
Temporarily Out of Stock
  • Diameter : 30 cm
  • 100% hand-made.
  • Product origin : Turkey
  • 100% hand-made.
Cleaning Instructions
It is recommended to use a dry cloth to clean it. It should not come into contact with a damp cloth or water
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