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Soloi Decorative Amphora
Soloi Decorative Amphora
$ 499,00
The ancient city of Soloi (meaning ‘Sun’) was located in today’s Viranşehir (in the Cilicia region) on the road between Silifke and Mersin. It was established by colonialists from Rhodes in the 7th century BC. Soloi began minting coins in the second half of the 5th century. The oldest image depicted on the classical era coins of Soloi is of an archer. This figure later changed to that of the Goddess Athena. The regular depiction of bunches of grapes on coins is an indicator of how important they were for the city. Soloi has carried the importance of viticulture and winemaking to our day through their coins. They enjoyed a high level of commercial activity as a colonial port from the 7th century BC onwards. The Soloi Amphora, in the “Talking Coins”, is inspired by the amphora form with a conical bottom and two handles. They were used to carry liquids such as wine or olive oil in ancient times. On the body of the vase, the helmeted head of Athena from the front side of the silver coins which the city minted in the 4th century BC has been symmetrically applied onto the glass surface. The inscription on the brim reads ‘?????? ??? ?????? ???? ?????’ (City names were ancient period)The Soloi Amphora is made of handmade maroon colored glass. All the patterns on the object have been hand-decorated with 24 carat gold gilt and the bronze handles are handmade.
  • Diameter : 16,2 cm
  • Height : 24 cm
    Cleaning Instructions
    It is recommended to use a dry cloth to clean it. It should not come into contact with a damp cloth or water
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