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"Kanuni" Glass Sword
"Kanuni" Glass Sword
$ 1.546,10
The sword has been regarded as a symbol of heroism, independence, and power for centuries. Military officers, royals, and leaders both in the East and West have all wielded swords. In the Middle Ages, the best swords were formed by heating, forging, and stretching a high-quality metal called sword egg and then hardening the material into different shapes. Various historical sources mention Turkish civilizations as being home to the most famous swordsmen and highlight their skills in hardening steel.
Ottoman swordsmen are known to shape several kinds of swords, including “ticani,” “mağribi,” “zivziki,” and “tirazi.” In contrast to heavy swords that require extreme strength in the wrists, curved swords depend on the movement of the wrist. Wielding these curved swords required special training and mastery. Sword girding ceremonies during Sultans’ accession to the throne were a unique tradition of the Ottoman Palace. Swords were reused by renewing the parts that aged over time. As firearm usage grew more widespread, sword production started to decrease after the 18th century. Swords came to be used only as a uniform accessory during special ceremonies. In addition to being a key weapon, swords were also seen as a meaningful gift. Rulers used to present gold or silver damasked swords with triumph and prosperity wishes and prayers inscribed on their barrels to distinguished civilians or military honorees.
On the Kanuni Glass Sword, inspired by the sword of Suleiman the Magnificent, the following inscription appears: 'Oh God, who is abundant in mercy, abundant in bounties! Oh God, whose bounties are hidden! Make us safe from what we fear. Oh God, who is above all. This precious sword was made for Sultan Suleiman, the son of Sultan Selim, the sultan of the people. May Allah grant him victory.'
The patterns on the Kanuni Glass Sword are produced using 24-carat gold and age painting technique. The cross-guard, the part that protects the hand from attack, is made of brass.
  • Width : 11,5 cm
  • Length : 79,5 cm
  • 100% hand-made.
  • Product origin : Turkey
  • 100% hand-made.
Cleaning Instructions
It is recommended to use a dry cloth to clean it. It should not come into contact with a damp cloth or water
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