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"Telkari" Vase
"Telkari" Vase
$ 210,90
Dating back to thousands of years ago, ‘telkari’ is an art nurtured by the goldsmiths of Anatolia and its many civilizations that produced brilliant works of elegance with painstaking meticulousness. ‘Telkari’ is a test of endurance, weaving the finest tastes, the finest touches of love and labor into meticulously shaped works of art. The depths of history and the beauty of mythology embroidered into our hearts in a masterpiece of aesthetics as defined by a master from Mardin-‘telkari’. The thinner the wires, the more the object boasts of its master who has sacrificed his life to his art, producing designs with the most delicate of wires which do not even carry his signature. Inspired by ‘rumi’ and ‘hatai’ motifs, this vase has been embellished with telkari designs on silver wire on handmade black glass, presented with the workmanship and mastery of Paşabahçe.
Temporarily Out of Stock
  • Diameter : 16 cm
  • Height : 30 cm
    Cleaning Instructions
    It is recommended to use a dry cloth to clean it. It should not come into contact with a damp cloth or water
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